ISEA S.r.l. Italy: closure planning: manual, automatic or packable shutters in every possible dimension.

The production of security closures for big shopping malls, airports, or closures in large sizes for special industrial fields, requires a great experience and a special attention in different aspects: dimensions, installation and considering the safety.

During last years I.S.E.A. S.r.l. invested a lot of energies to develop new models both to satisfy new requests of the marketing evolution and find solutions which can make the difference from other competitors.


I.S.E.A. S.r.l is the only one who patented IMPACK ( ›› ) and most recently PROFILPACK ( ›› ) packable shutters for shopping malls with an unlimited width.

Special solutions which may be defined “unique” if we consider their many different aspects:
- Extreme modularity , and the possibility to assemble them directly on the spot
- Great flexibility of application with high performance profiles
- Minimum space required
- Easy installation with no-limit width
- Long-lasting functionality guaranteed by electric operation system by a one sole gear motor.


I.S.E.A. s.r.l. is the only one who patented EVOLUTION ( ›› ) a new line of roller-shutters recognized innovative also by the European Community.

EVOLUTION® is the first production sysmtem highly automated which allows to obtain from unique profile, a roller shutter/grille which can be: totally closed, with micro-perforations and with meshes

This system has been studied to speed up supplying, reduce logistics and handling of roller shutter, because this system uses the advantages of computerised production of an universal profile.


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