Protection for large size ceiling-mounted telescopic.


The IMPACK® modular barrier is a new closure system for big dimensions designed to fully comply with current regulations. Specifically designed for large shopping areas (checkout line closures, shopping malls, etc.) the main characteristics of this system are:

  • Modular construction and easy assembly without the need for lifting means
  • No width restrictions
  • Overall dimensions of the application reduced to a minimun (60 x 60 mm "U" guides and 20% of the upper part of the aperture with the barrier fully raised)
  • Standard finish in hot galvanized steel (can be painted in any colour required)


Materials and finishes
- standard finish: Hot galvanized steel
- On request: RAL colours




Ideal for retail distribution
IMPACK® is an expanding pantograph-type protective barrier made from high-resistance profiles and top quality materials. The simple design and the construction characteristics ensure a valid but see-through anti-intrusion barrier.

Ideal for restructuring
Simple installation and particularly limited overall dimensions also make this product suitable as a replacement for existing barriers in areas that are already operative, without any particular masonry work.

The cables are wound around the shaft by means of a sophisticated self-guided system that prevents cable overlapping.

- The dimension of the axle and the supports (consisting of interchangeable nyloncoated radial bearings) ensure high flexing resistence fully conforming to the standards.

C - The drawing clearly show the anti-intrusion system of the closure which consists of a guide and tear-off proof anchoring bracket in nylon with reinforced steel core.



Single engine
Movement is guaranteed by a 380V three-phase/50 Hz gear motor complete with an anti-drop device.
Emergency control in the event of a power failure is always possible from the inside or the outside.

The controls are all 24V. Invariably key-operated closure and opening with operator in attendance and having a full view of the door.
Set up for optional photocell or infrared beam fitting.



Construction feature
Shutter made from galvanized steel and consisting of double "U" horizontal bars connected by pantographs.

Nylon joint for module/panel jointing.

The shutter is operated by means of high-security galvanized steel
lifting cables. UNI EN 13241-1 Standard performance.

Special guides in polyxene 1000 positioned in strategic points
prevent the cable from rubbing against other mechanical parts.



Standard finish: Hot galvanized steel
On request: RAL colours



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