Isea BlinDoor® burglar-proof shutters comply with the requirements of class CR3 and CR4 of the European standards EN 1627 and EN 1630 + A1 

Isea BlinDoor® anti-burglary roller shutters have been designed with specific elements and high quality components:
•    profile with a reinforced and anti-cut shape, designed to give maximum rigidity and resistance to closure;
•    high resistance and tightness anti-burglary vertical sliding guides;
•    specific high quality locks;
•    anti-burglary and anti-shattering reinforcements;






Materials and finishes 
- Standard: galvanised steel 
- On request: pre-painted steel, stainless steel

RAL colors:
•  The finish is available in any RAL colour

Maximum dimension
•  W: mm. 7.000 x H :mm. 5.500




UNI EN 1627:2011



Anti-burglary is the ability to resist or make it difficult for intruders to break in.

CR1: The first class must resist an improvised thief (vandalism) who tries to enter using only physical force.

CR2: The second class must resist an inexperienced thief who tries to enter using simple tools such as screwdriver, pliers, wedge.
Attack time is 3 minutes.

CR3: Third class must resist an experienced thief attempting to gain access using a crowbar, long screwdriver and hammer.
The attack time will be 5 minutes.

The fourth class must resist a very expert burglar who, in addition to using the previous tools, can use saws, hammers, hatchets, hand chisels, portable drills.
The attack time will be 10 minutes.

Grade 5 must resist very skilled and experienced thieves who can also use power tools such as a drill, jigsaw, saber saw and an angle grinder with a 125mm disc.
The attack time will be 15 minutes.

Class 6 is the highest level of security and thieves can use a steel wedge and grinder with up to a 230mm disc.
The manual attack time will be 20 minutes.



Standard accessories

  • End profile SP 105
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